Have you ever designed a form that ended up as a usability nightmare when it was finally implemented?

Or missed something in a usability test because the form couldn't be built exactly the way you designed it?

Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate your design in a way that the developers can understand without having to wade through pages and pages of wireframes and notes (which you have to create and keep up to date)?
Book cover image for Prototyping Forms

What if you could show your developer colleagues instead of having to tell them?

What if you could prototype your own forms without having to ask for help from an already-too-busy developer?

What if your prototypes could become the basis for the final product, saving time and effort for the whole team?

Prototyping Forms will show you how. Even if you have no knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, it will teach you how to leverage modern front-end frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap to quickly make prototype forms that look and work exactly like the real thing.

Not only will it make life easier for you and your developer colleagues, it means that when you test your forms with users, you can be sure that the interactions will be exactly like those of the final product, and not an approximation.

Oh, and as an added bonus, your designs will work perfectly on any screen size, from smartphones to full-size desktop displays.

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